Iain Grysak is a teacher of the Ashtanga system for 17 years and has been granted KPJAYI Level 2 Authorization, He also completed the 4th (Advanced B) series with Rolf in 2014

Learn Mysore Style Ashtanga with Iain Grysak

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Mysore-style yoga is the backbone and heart of Ashtanga practice. In this style of class each individual practices the Ashtanga sequence independently according to their own level and natural pace. The instructor monitors the room and gives each student one-on-one guidance in the form of physical adjustments in the postures to correct alignment or experience the posture more fully. New postures are taught when the teacher sees that student is ready. The room is generally silent, except for the sound of ujjayi breathing, however verbal instruction or advice may be given when needed. These classes are true “all level” classes where everyone from a complete beginner to very advanced receive support and instruction pertaining to their own level.

Led Primary Series classes involve the teacher verbally guiding the entire class through the primary series as a group. Students who have not yet learned the entire primary series are encouraged to attend the class and simply practice as much of the sequence as they have been taught. It is also an “all level” class.

The Benefits of Learning Mysore-Style


The Ashtanga sequences are designed to restructure the body, nerves and mind in a systematic way. Each posture and vinyasa sequence has its own effect. When practiced every day, this sequence will effect a change on the very structure and framework of the body/mind. Over time, and when the practitioner does this daily, the new body/mind structure that emerges will stabilize.

When the teacher sees that each student is ready to integrate a new posture, then a new posture is given. In this way, slowly but surely the Ashtanga sequence reshapes the student, one step at a time.

It is important to have an experienced teacher monitor and direct this process. An over-eager student may try to bite off more than they can chew. Too many inputs all at once can overwhelm the body/mind and instead of shifting in a stable way, it can break down. Other students may be hesitant to try new things and will need the teacher to guide them forward to experience the benefits that they are ready for. A good teacher will be able to see the student’s current capacity to integrate, and will direct the process accordingly.

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Sunday to Thursday:
Mysore style practice begins at 6:30 am

Led Primary Series at 7 am