The Seeds of Life Cafe presents LOLOH BAR 


Ben Richards’s Taostic Tonic Bar is just like entering a whole new dimension of experience – with the smells of the Chinese, Ayurvedic and Indonesian herbs decocting in the air, bottles of our homemade tonics and various of wild ancient Chinese tea leaves in the fridges and fermenting on the shelves, octagonal Taoist Gua shaped windows to allow the universal energy to flow in through that consciousness and our Phoenix rising from the ashes wood carving on the door, and of course many healthy beverages to boost your Jing, sling your Qi and turn on your Shen, like a fire in the night sky.


We draw from the 5000+ year old system of Chinese herbalism, particularly the Taoist approach, the 10,000 year old Ayurvedic system that has also strongly influenced the Indonesian Jamu system. These pillars have been continually inspiring our tonic bar to create the next level of healthy beverages from ferments and herbal extracts made with whole herbs, extract powders, our own blends of house made tinctures, taking elixirs to new levels of cocktails, warmed elixirs, 5 hour decorations, shots, ice creams and wild Chinese ancient artisan tea.⠀


All is available through our Tonic Bar as decoctions, tonic creamers, chocolates, deserts, salad dressing, miso soup & our take away drinks fridge. In addition to our decoctions we have sourced the latest technology in micronisation. This is a way by means of extracting the most beneficial constituents from the herbs making them far more effective & bio-available, though entering the body’s energy system via a different pathway to the decoctions. Our formulas have been carefully crafted upon an ancient & trusted system. We have not & will not carelessly combine plant technology without careful examination or planning.