We are beyond stoked to share the next level of deepening our practice and connection with our organic Bamboo threads.

Postural yoga is what starts our day at SOL with our traditional Mysore style Ashtanga yoga shala above the cafe. For years I practiced in poly material board shorts and when the penny dropped that organic bamboo felt so good, I asked myself ‘why aren’t men practicing in something that compliments this deeply intimate physical practice’?
We are proud to represent the local traditions here as we source Indonesian grown and Balinese made natural organic dyed materials to make a variety of styled shorts and shirts with fun prints and other yoga apparel.

Did you know?

An average sized cotton t-shirt uses 2700 liters of water to produce, and in many cases uses the very same chemical as bamboo – caustic soda aka sodium hydroxide to produce. Where as bamboo is a natural plant growing in it’s natural environment not requiring watering at all and once grown it continues to do so not requiring any further disruption to the soil.

Celebrate being human, after all that's why we practice


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