Our aim is to simply have fun.
Get reconnected to our creativity via
the medium of Raw Food.

The Seeds of Life, for over 9 years has offered Professional Raw Food chef certifications, training 1000’s of various people who have then gone on to be professional raw food chefs, making foods for the weekend markets, returning to their jobs in cafes or restaurants, super yachts, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, couples and people wanting to get creative in the kitchen and of course more connected.
We run 2 week trainings and daily workshops here in Bali and in countries from India to Costa Rica.

Raw Food is not just food. It represents our return to the natural way, returning to our mother and connecting deeply to who we are as integrated beings on this planet. It helps us to wake up & remember our assignments here as custodians of this wonderful planet we live and breath on and raise our children on.




Raw Chef Training


Raw Chef Graduates

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The seeds of life Training

Most Common Questions

Is your certification recognised?

Unlike the Yoga Alliance, currently, there is no worldwide organisation that governs or recognises Raw Food Chefs certifications. We recommend doing your research on all the offerings around to find something that suits your needs. Covering the curriculum your looking for of course is important and importantly taught by people who have lived authentically in that role for some time and have fully integrated the living foods lifestyle so they can teach you correctly from that place.

We are the longest running Raw Food Chefs certification in Bali and have the only 100% Raw Vegan Café & Tonic Bar in Bali and are very successful. We feel that this is our stamp of approval. Ben has been living the living foods lifestyle for 11 years and has completed over 70 fasts of varying degrees and lengths and can meet just about anyone where they are at. He has also been a professional chef for 27 years.

How much ‘hands on’ time will we have in the kitchen and is food included in the price?

Everyday we prepare the foods for our meal periods. So for eample, the morning class, 10am-12;30/1pm is making the lunch, sprouting, fermenting and preparing the dinner and dehydration for the next days.

Do you offer an online course?

We are currently in the process of making our course online. Hopefully this year 2019.

How many students do you take?

20 max.

If I choose the off-site option, can I rent a vehicle?

If you have confidence it is easy to rent a scooter and is also quite cheap. Less that $5usd per day in some cases. Please wear a helmet and check your insurance covers you. We don’t recommend a car in Bali as the traffic is quite challenging at times.

What if I change my mind or need to cancel for other urgent reasons out of my control?

Please ensure you have read clearly all of our details on cancellation which are on the website. Look, if things happen we are not going to feel good just taking your money, we are not interested in that. We will refund your money minus the bank fees within reason. If you cannot make the training we can simply move it to another date. However, if your cancelling after the time we have filled all the positions and there is not enough time to fill that position we need to cover our cost and outlay in booking the retreat centre and so on.

Who is this course for?

This course is for every human who wants to squeeze the most nectar out of life. We have become famous for our activation of students who come and get the knowledge and have done great things afterwards – like one student went away and has recently been awarded best vegan restaurant in Dubai. It is for professional chefs who want to extend their culinary knowledge. It is for people who simply want to know how to make healthy well combined meals. It is for athletes, and for people who want to do market stalls, it is for the house mum or dad who want to make healthful meals for their families, it is for mums and daughters to have a wonderful 2 weeks away together & share something special (we have a lot of these actually. It is also for those who want to get clear about nutrition, fasting, detoxification and diving deep into what it means to eat. It is for those who want to start their own café or food business because we are very successful in this field with almost 30 years experience in the hospitality industry and share business tips all throughout the training and are happy to share what we know We want to see this all over the world..

Do you have franchise opportunities?

Yes we do and is something that we don’t simply hand out to anyone We want the message to be clear and transparent and done by people who are living in alignment with the core values of The Seeds of Life.

Will I be able to do some work experience or volunteering with you after the training?

Indonesia is very strict on ‘work experience’ or volunteering. We are currently working on the ability to have interns tho we cannot take anyone at this point.

Will I be able to work I kitchens as a Chef after the training?

We would like to be clear that one simply cannot do a 2 week training and call themselves a professional chef. For that one needs to do a professional training which takes 3-4 years. Or, do what Ben did. And that is do some short courses & start working at the bottom in the kitchen and slowly work your way up. Ben has done this and the journey has led him to having a world renowned raw food café. You can do it. Come and get started and inspired with us

Can you refer us to work opportunities after the training?

We are constantly receiving requests from our friends from around the world who have their own retreat centres and restaurants looking for raw food chefs. For the right people these opportunities are available

Are there any opportunities for qualified students to assist on future trainings?

Absolutely, and every training see assistants who have completed the training. It is a great way to learn from behind the scenes at what it takes to run large evens and meal plan. If we have room on any of the 3 trainings we run come and play!

What’s the difference between your and other Raw Chef Trainings?

What makes our training unique is that Ben has been living this lifestyle and teaching it for 11 years, 100% to the fullest. He has integrated raw foods into his life and can speak to anyone about the trials and tribulations on the lifestyle. Being a professional chef he can show you how to combine foods in such a way that they are incredibly healthy yet look like restaurant quality. With a unique combination of a nutritionist, iridologist and sclerologist, 10 years as a tonic herbalist with the most unique tonic bar in the world, certified detox coach specialising in healing chronic disease, completed over 70 fasts of varying lengths, worked on farms growing & harvesting foods really brings a unique angle to the table. Also, if you choose to stay onsite you have an opportunity to dive deeper into our raw foods incubator. Our interests are in the facts of life. The physics and chemistry of the physical world so you will learn about enzymes, pro & prebiotics, biophotons and our connection to the universe via this incredible field of light (Alex Popp is someone to research). You will learn in our daily lectures the all about the digestive system & organs associated with assimilation and elimination and what ph they require for proper function and so much more than just preparing food. WE GO DEEP.

What will be the benefit of a longer training over a shorter one?

Shorter trainings are fun, but let’s face it, when you are going deep into something with 19 other likeminded people things happen, shifts take place and the penny drops. We used to teach this as a 1 month training but we condensed it to 2 weeks diving deep.

I can’t even cook avocado on toast. Do I need prior kitchen experience?

We will meet you where you are at. Even if you’re a professional chef, you are learning about a new philosophy, a new way of communication in the kitchen and as we cover all the basics from hygiene and on-going knife skills, everyone will learn how to make food like you’ve never known before. We guarantee it. And seeing as we don’t use ovens or a stove, you can’t burn anything – it’s all raw.

When is that latest I can book? How is my position confirmed?

Your position s confirmed when we have received your payment. Rooms are allocated on a first in first served basis. If you would like to pay cash on arrival that’s fine, we will simply need your confirmed flight itinerary.

Can I bring my children?

The kitchen is a busy place and we don’t really have the space for children. We can assist with finding a nanny here in Bali if you like.e, we will simply need your confirmed flight itinerary.

Can my partner stay onsite with me even if they’re not doing the training?

The training is reserved for students only. There are many locations close by where you both can stay. They can join us for a lunch from time to time and out graduation party. Though not the classes or the field trips.

Do you recommend accommodation close by?

Do you recommend accommodation close by?

What is the difference between ‘on-site- & ‘off-site’ prices?

‘On-site means you stay with us on site. We have room for up to 4 people on site. If you choose the offsite position you will find your own accommodation. If you are a couple sharing a room/bed than that price reflects that you are receiving a discount because 2 people are paying at the same time. This is confusing for some people; however, we are offering a discount for those who wat to share that bed/room.

Who will I share with?

Women with women, men with men unless specified by you directly. If it is not working out, we simply with no fuss move you around. It never happens, what we do see is great connections being made.

Do you provide transport to and from the training center?

Yes, if you are arriving on the day the training starts, we will organize transport directly to the training so that you can make it to time. Otherwise you can find transport at the airport very easy. We will need your itinerary and our driver will be at the arrivals gate with your name on a card. We can assist you with booking to and from if you like,

Can I pay in increments?

Yes, please see our booking details on the website. We just ask that you pay the bank fees of usd$30 each time you transfer after the initial payment.

Are the field trips compulsory and which ones are included in the price of the training?

None are compulsory. There is a trip to The Seeds of Life café on a night that could be a night off, that will be at your own expense. We cover the Moksa restaurant, Nadis herbals Balinese herbal workshop and the spirulina farm trip.

Do I make arrangements with you or the Ark retreat center?

All correspondence is to go through [email protected] . The Ark will not receive emails from students.

Will there be material for us to take home and how many recipes do we cover?

Yes, you will receive a manual which will have everything we have discussed in our lectures and a lot more so you won’t have to write everything down. You will also have a recipe book. We will cover over 200 recipes on the training. You will also receive an apron, a book on herbs and some other bits and pieces.

Do I have to do the daily Yoga?

No, you don’t. If you have your own practice that’s fine. However why not right? At least give it a go. We will provide you with the yoga matt. However, as our yoga teacher is already paid for, we cannot take that off the price of your training.

Any further questions, please email [email protected]

Workshop Location:

P.  0823-4063-2622
E.  [email protected]
W. http://theseedsoflife.net